Tallest Tree List – 2017 Update

This is my current take on the tallest trees in the world (all coast redwoods).  The tree name, park, and estimated or actual 2017 heights are included, along with last actual height date used for the 2017 estimate.  The estimates are based on demonstrated height changes for each tree over time.

For Actual heights, where available the height is shown in tenths of feet, otherwise the height to the nearest foot is shown.  Then for Estimate heights the estimated height to the nearest foot is shown.

Name Park 2017 Height Actual or Estimate Last year Actual Source
Hyperion RNP 380.3 Actual Parks
Helios RNP 378.0 Actual Parks
Stratosphere Giant HRSP 375.0 Actual Parks
Lauralyn HRSP 373.0 Estimate 2015 Height Lists
Nugget RNP 372.0 Actual Research
Millennium HRSP 371.0 Estimate 2015 Height Lists
Paul Zinke HRSP 370.0 Actual Research
Mother & Daughter HRSP 370.0 Estimate 2012 Height Lists
Minaret HRSP 370.0 Estimate 2015 Height Lists
Orion RNP 369.4 Actual Plot Research
Paradox HRSP 369.2 Actual Plot Research