Views of Large Redwoods

Bull Creek Giant

The Bull Creek Giant dares its neighbors to encroach on its space along Bull Creek Flats



Episkopos is way up high on a big hill and has a commanding view.


Ancient Tree of Lost Man

The Ancient Tree of Lost Man


Redwood Creek Giant

The Redwood Creek Giant


Trillium Falls Hill Giants

This group of giant redwoods grows on the hill above Trillium Falls



Melkor is comprised of one giant tree and one medium sized tree whose adjacent trunks fused over time



The Adventure redwood is best viewed from this spot


Adventure View

Adventure is in back center of this view



Illuvatar is unusual in that its full profile can be seen from near the base


Drury Tree

The Drury Tree,  differing assessments of volume for this one.


Godwood Creek Giant

A distant view of the Goodwood Creek Giant


Westridge Giant

The Westridge Giant is supposed to have a suggestion of a W on its trunk



Spartacus redwood


Irvine Giant

Irvine Giant


Big Tree

Big Tree is much visited, it has its own parking lot.


Lost Monarch

Lost Monarch, desperately in need of an official trail


Howland Hill Giant

Howland Hill Giant can get dusty.


El Viejo del Norte

El Viejo del Norte has a cool name and a big base.


Del Norte Titan view

Del Norte Titan is in back center


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