1. Hyperion

Hyperion redwood grows on a bench above a creek that flows into Redwood Creek. Hyperion was discerned as a very tall tree in late August 2006, a couple months after Helios, Icarus, and Daedalus were identified. Hyperion is not far at all from areas where redwoods were logged in 1978 just before the Redwood National Park expansion. Hyperion has structural components that help stabilize its top against strong winds.

The average diameter at 4.5 feet above average ground level is 15.2 feet.

Hyperion height from a 2018 measurement is 381 feet.

In 2015 the height of Hyperion was 380 feet.

When Hyperion was identified in 2006 its height was 379 feet.

Hyperion redwood down slope side
Hyperion redwood up slope side
Hyperion profile