6. Icarus

The Icarus redwood tree grows on a bench above one of the feeder creeks to Redwood Creek. The top is a single spike with a hook near the tip, hence the darning needle description that appears in some descriptions of Icarus. Maybe the tree was a couple feet taller before the top died back at some time in the past couple hundred years.

The average diameter of Icarus at 4.5 feet above ground is 12.4 feet.

Icarus was identified as a tall tree on July 1, 2006. Helios and Daedalus were identified as tall trees on the same day.

The height of Icarus continues to be 371 feet. A spike top redwood near Icarus lost its top in the last six years, the same will eventually happen to Icarus.

Icarus trunk partial view
Icarus upper trunk partial view
Icarus single spike top with hook