10. Paradox

Paradox redwood grows inside the Rockefeller Loop and is about equidistant from Bull Creek and South Fork Eel River. It grows in an area with many even aged young redwood trees as well as several large logs from redwoods falling over the past 300 years. This allows for the observation of all stages of the redwood life cycle in the Paradox area.

Paradox average diameter at 4.5 feet above ground level is 12.8 feet.

The latest published height for Paradox is 369.1 feet as of late 2015 or early 2016. This measurement was associated with redwood forest research. The 2013 published height for Paradox was 370 feet, from a 2013 or earlier measurement. This indicates Paradox has lost about one foot in height, either through canopy breakage, die back, or a different definition of average ground level.

The 2018 LiDAR indicated height for Paradox is about 369 feet.

The published height in 2000 for Paradox was 367 feet.

Paradox tree
Paradox tree upper trunk and crown