17. Harry Cole

The Harry Cole redwood grows on a small flat on the east side of Redwood Creek across from the Forty Four creek outflow. This was one of the tall trees identified by Paul Zahl in the summer of 1963. There is a sign in front of this tree titled “Second Tallest Tree / Height (1964) 367.4 feet”

This is a relatively large tree, with diameter at 4.5 feet above ground of 16.2 feet.

The last published height was 366 feet, measured in 2013 or earlier.

In 2000 the published height was also 366 feet. The published height in 1964 was 367 feet as noted above.

Hard to read but sign says “Second Tallest Tree – 367.4 Feet”. Sign erected in 1964. Note huckleberry bush on post.
44 Grove from south. Harry Cole is second tree in from creek
Harry Cole redwood south side of trunk.