Letter from Mario Vaden

This is a letter I received from Mario Vaden, published with his permission.

Hello Mark.

Feel free to share this note. It relates to a website that has correctly and incorrectly posted redwood locations, including a few from past research. And I understand that my may be getting some “flack” from people who (incorrectly) imagine you are tied to it. The anonymous site could be illegitimate if a fake name was used to purchase hosting. But either way, it remains anonymous.  Anyhow, here are a few thoughts.

There have only been two people (we know of) that I ever thought had the skill set and time to slap together all the content. I never concluded they did it.  They had the ability and proximity, but most everything else indicates no involvement, especially their fondness for the finer aspects of nature..

If anyone thinks you were behind it, that’s ridiculous. It would take corrupt logic or emotion to reach that conclusion. Lack of proximity alone means you could not compile that stuff. The photos and redwoods and paragraphs appeared at a pace that required  nearly weekly or monthly visits to the parks. You live so far away in Illinois, there’s not a chance you could have done one-tenth of it. The pattern of progress basically proved it was someone along the redwood coast, or in similar driving distance. Anyone who does not realize that aspect alone, has holes in their head like Swiss cheese, to think otherwise.

It wouldn’t even matter whether or not you had skills to tweak code or capture images.  You probably don’t but the conversation ended  long before that thought. Lack of proximity and access rule-you-out … easily.

Maybe I had an advantage. There’s several I know were not involved, like yourself, Michael, the other Steve, Zane, etc.. But I had a long ongoing relationships and conversations with all of you, for years. And the degree of interaction I had with each of you, none of you had the same with each other.  And honestly, out of every one of them (us), I think you put more effort in to unearth who was behind all of it, and hopefully reverse it. Plus, you even donated more than anyone initially toward signs to help the parks diminish wear in the grove of titans. While others were running around in circles reaching no productive conclusion, at least you made tangible progress.

Anyhow, the reason for this, is to express that if anyone thinks you were blabbing locations to the world, that boils down to a lack of thinking and series of brain-farts.

FWIW … I was surprised when one of the “tree community” suspected it was me for a while. The mere mention sounded insane when I first learned.  But it became apparent they did not begin, or arrive at the false suspicions on their own. There must be others spreading, sowing or growing confusion for that to happen. And it only happens when people elevate imagination over fact and reason.

So … on that note, looking forward to another great hike or bushwhack next June of July.



Mario Vaden


Reply to Mario from Mark Graham

Thanks Mario.

I myself have pointed a finger at others, incorrectly as it turns out, so I guess it was my turn under the microscope.

I don’t have any association with the web site of concern, and have posted a sworn statement on this web site to affirm.


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  1. Nice letter, Mario. Anyone who thinks you, Mark, or myself are involved in any way have totally lost their minds.

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