Revealing the Locations of the Largest and Tallest Redwoods

1      Secret Redwoods Locations


I made my first visit to the coast redwoods parks in 2014.   I was always interested in the tall redwoods but really didn’t feel an urge to visit the parks until the point in time the tallest redwood tree was named but its location was kept secret.  The treasure hunt, if you will, intrigued me.

The book The Wild Trees, with its descriptions of the known and secret redwood trees and groves, certainly added interest as did the web sites and forums hinting about the location of Hyperion and the Atlas Grove and the Grove of Titans.

To be honest if the location of Hyperion was on a web site in 2014, I would not have traveled to the redwood parks.  Maybe I would have made it to the redwoods at some point in time in the same way I still want to visit Yosemite or the Giant Sequoia Groves or Yellowstone or the Little Big Horn area but maybe not.  It was the secrecy, the puzzle, and the treasure hunt that got me there.

In this way the web site that posts locations of some of the tallest and largest redwoods may be suppressing tourism to the redwood parks, at least for some distant visitors.  That is my opinion, based on my experience.


2      Finger Pointing


Since the owner of the famous redwoods web site prefers to remain anonymous, for whatever reason, there has been a lot of finger pointing and speculation as to the people who are creating or contributing to the famousredwoods web site.

I am not involved with or associated with or contribute to the famousredwoods web site in any way.  For a while I shook off the various accusations to the contrary as necessary fishing trips.  But when the accusations continued, despite my denials, I felt it necessary to publish a couple statements on the issue, one a sworn statement and the second regarding defamation of character.

Thanks for reading.

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